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The Stream Of Collective Consciousness Series

Isnít' it so very safe to be isolated,
encrusted in your ancient protective frozen block
of iceberg armor?

You have become so obedient and reserved,
as your soul is shivering with the fear of freedom.

Removed and suspicious of others, you might as well be extinct.

Why remain impenetrable?
Afraid of what you may lose?

Our universe is overflowing with infernos of untamed energy.
Let the electricity spark your free-thinking, gushing flows of imagination.

Take an ice pick to your unnecessary boundaries and THAW.
Your passion will be revealed and shared with others.
May your stream overflow its banks and spread far in its impact on the world.

You are meant to share your excitement,
Becoming purely transparent,
fearless of stagnation imprisoning your thoughts or actions ever again!

Discover and offer your contribution for all great spirits.