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The Stream Of Collective Consciousness Series

Even though you perceive the world around you is on course,
you may have neglected to be aware of others.

Opening your bound heart certainly is risky.
You have loved only to be wounded or abandoned in return.
You have shared your most precious secrets and unveiled your most outlandish dreams,
Believing in trust, yet betrayed in action.

So your hesitation is understood.

However, now you clearly see
That even though you might
Lose your concept of who you are,
Dying with soulful and deeply troughed gouges in your spirit,
You must BEFRIEND.

The energy and support you will share is boundless
And freely exposed.
You will know each other with great intuition,
Fearless of obstacles,
For there is nothing you can do to lose a true friend.

Break through your shell,
Offer all that you are,
Share your journey.
Love is worth the risk.