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The Stream
Of Collective Consciousness Series

You have traveled far from the start of your path of origin.
There was no way that you could have foreseen where you find yourself today.

Many obstacles have been blocking
the flow of the path you are intended to follow.

Have you recalled the challenges of your life
from which you have reined victorious,
and of which you have faltered?

There are uncovered realizations awaiting you upon your RETURN.

If it is physically inconceivable for you to arrive,
you should travel in spirit to the place you started.

Memories will reappear in the shadows from you mind,
sometimes bringing you comfort,
other times creating a puzzle which has not yet been solved.

You may find an old friend ho needs to connect with you
through their own path to be wisely traveled.

Become the gliding boomerang for fulfillment.