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The routine of every day life has become a raging current of input.

You are drowning in so much knowledge to the point that you can't even find who you are
in the whirlwind of a cluttered mind.

Before you implode,
Or find yourself unable to express your emotions with caring and clarity,
you should reach into the core of your self-expression and CREATE.

Do not expect your song to be in tune and harmonious.

Do not expect your dance to be oh-so-synchronized with every beat of the music.

When you write, there will surely be errors in thought and misguided emotion.

The ink will Spill,
The hand will Shake,
Your feet will Stumble,
The paint and brush will have its own expression with a  different, even undesirable outcome.

This should be of no concern to you.

Give the purity of your being to the universe.