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Without Date Example The Stream of Collective Consciousness

You are aware of everyone and everything around you.
There is an abundance of responsibilities,
So much so that you are overwhelmed with a burdened heart.

Do not feel as if you must handle all of this by yourself,
For this is not the way you are destined to evolve.

Rather, share what you need to accomplish,
And respectfully ask for guidance and assistance.

Only then will you be free and light-hearted,
Given enough stamina to ENDURE.

Do not think of yourself as weak because you were not alone in your tasks.
Instead, feel empowered by the gift of sharing the burden.

Through Accomplishment Flows Self-worth.

Freely Give To Others.
Your understanding may differ from others,
Yet BELIEVE in your abilities to see your stream.
Eventually all will be revealed.

Imagine the profound and the comfort this will give you!